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Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) ASB vehicle use

Vehicular nuisance - PSPO Bradford Council obtained a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to tackle anti social use of vehicles in April 2019.


What is a PSPO?

In 2014 the Government brought new powers contained in the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) sit amongst a broad range of powers and tools to help tackle anti-social behaviour locally. PSPOs are aimed at ensuring public spaces can be enjoyed free from anti-social behaviour and  they provide councils with an instrument to help deal with persistent issues that are damaging their communities.

Councils can use PSPOs to prohibit specified activities, and/or require certain things to be done by people engaged in particular activities, within a defined public area. PSPOs differ from other tools introduced under the 2014 Act as they are council-led, and rather than targeting specific individuals or properties, they focus on the identified problem behaviour in a specific location.

When used appropriately, proportionately and with local support, PSPOs can be a positive device that help to prevent anti-social behaviour, and can provide an effective response to some of the issues local residents and businesses face on a daily basis.

Why do we need a PSPO on anti-social use of vehicles in Bradford?

Dangerous, anti social and inconsiderate use of vehicles  have had a significant effect on the District in terms of how safe people feel. There is a real sense within our communities that something needs to be done to tackle this issue. We want to add value to the work that is already on-going across the District to challenge this form of anti-social behaviour and, to reassure our communities that action is being taken.

The only practical way to enforce and make the PSPO work has been to apply it to the whole district.

Breaches of the PSPO can be subject to fixed penalties and prosecution before the magistrates court and a fine not exceeding £2000.

What are the Breaches?

The full order can be obtained on the link here

Some of the key issues that the PSPO will tackle are:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Dangerous manoeuvres
  • Excessive noise
  • Danger to other road users (including pedestrians)
  • Damage or risk of damage to private property
  • Harassment of individual from vehicles
  • Any nuisance to another person  

Who will be enforcing the PSPO?

The police are the only authority that has the power to stop moving vehicles. The police will, therefore, enforce any breach of PSPO at the roadside. If criminal, rather than anti-social, offences are being committed such as speeding then the police will follow the criminal route as usual.

Members of public will also be able to report an offence retrospectively to a designated department in Bradford Council, giving full details of the breach and where possible provide any evidence for investigation which requires appropriate actions.

What Information should I provide and who should I contact?

If you believe someone is in the breach of a PSPO, if safe to do so  please try to obtain as much information as possible, for example, the location (road/street name) make and model of the vehicle, registration number and the nature of the anti-social act.   

You can forward all this information to the Safer Communities team by emailing

What would happen if I breached it?

Breaching a PSPO is a criminal offence. Orders can be enforced by an officer authorised by the local authority including PCSOs and a Police Constable. A breach of the PSPO can be dealt with through the issuing of a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £100 or by prosecution.

Image of the road sign now sited across the district can be found here


Click here to report an issue with either the alcohol or vehicle use PSPO

Try to include as much information as you can including date, time, location and vehicle registration if relevant

Vehicular Nuisance PSPO

Vehicular PSPO sign