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JogOn is a campaign to clamp down on the harassment of female runners and joggers.

A national survey by Runner’s World magazine found that 60 per cent of female runners experience some form of harassment, particularly from men in cars.

Many women feel scared and intimidated and are forced to look for alternative running routes or change the times they go out to avoid cat calling, offensive comments and, occasionally, physical harassment.

The Safer Bradford partnership (which includes Bradford Council, West Yorkshire Police and the NHS) is working to stamp out the problem in Bradford District.

We know that harassment is a widespread concern across the district. Most runners have accepted it as the norm and not reported it to the police, as they didn’t feel it would be taken seriously.

But we want people to report these incidents. We will listen and we will act.

Bradford Council has a Public Space Protection Order. This bans the anti-social use of vehicles and includes ‘Shouting, swearing at, or abusing, threatening or intimidating another person – including using sexual language or making sexual suggestions’ from a vehicle. Offenders can receive a Fixed Penalty Notice or a £1,000 fine.

Anyone who has experienced harassment while out running can report to the council by emailing or to the police by calling 101 ‘police’ or online at

In an emergency call 999.

We also have a video explaining JogOn and the work we are doing.

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