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Practitioners who work or volunteer with children and young people

A wide range of information, documents and other resources for any practitioner or professional working in the area of safeguarding children.


If you have concern a child is being harmed as a result of abuse or neglect, you must not keep this to yourself, report it immediately.

Concerns by employers about an adult working in a position of trust with children or young people should be reported to the Bradford Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) who manages allegations against adults working in a position of trust with children. The contact details for the LADO in Bradford are 01274 435600 or

Employers must inform the local authority designated officer (LADO) within one working day when an allegation is made and prior to any further investigation taking place. If an allegation is substantiated and the person is dismissed or the employer ceases to use the person’s service or the person resigns or otherwise ceases to provide his/her services, the LADO should discuss with the employer whether a referral should be made to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

If a referral is to be made to the DBS; it should be submitted within one month of the allegation being substantiated.

For overview of referral process see:

Full details on local guidance for Allegations Against Persons who Work with Children.


What is Prevention and Early Help?

Prevention and Early Help is the name we give to the way we support families and communities in Bradford.

Prevention is about stopping problems emerging in the first place. Early Help is about preventing problems that are happening from getting worse.

We want to make sure families receive prompt and assertive help as early as possible when needs are identified, either by families themselves asking for help or professionals having worries or seeing needs before they become problematic.

For further information please visit the Prevention and Early Help page.

Safeguarding in Education

The Government provides guidance for schools and colleges on Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021 (PDF). It should be read alongside statutory guidance Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 (PDF), and departmental advice What to do if you are worried a child is being abused - Advice for Practitioners (PDF).

For further information and useful links please visit our Safeguarding in Education Page.

The Bradford Safeguarding Partnerships are aware that many voluntary, community and faith groups and supplementary schools may need support in ensuring their safeguarding arrangements are up to date and work well.

For advice and guidance please visit our Safeguarding Support for the Voluntary Sector page.

An out of school setting (OoSS), is an organisation or setting which provides tuition, training, instruction or activities to children in England without their parents’ or carers’ supervision.

Please visit our Out of School Settings page for more information.

These videos are designed to help us all think about adult and child safeguarding issues. These videos explore issues such as Sexual Exploitation and other subjects. They are also designed to help us reflect on how children can be best supported. Visit the Real Safeguarding Stories website at

West Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Procedures

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